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Chiropractic Services

Animal Chiropractic is a modality focusing on neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Treatment is aimed at restoring normal joint motion and muscle tone by providing an adjustment to the animal's body.

All treatments are gentle, safe, and designed to promote your animal's own healing capacity.

With the use of an instrument or by hand, an adjustment is a specifically directed pressure over or near a joint. The treatment goal is to relieve pain, to restore normal posture and muscle tone, and to improve flexibility. Chiropractic is used to treat different conditions involving pain or performance limitations. If your animal can't run, jump or move in his usual manner, it is possible chiropractic treatment could help.

There is no list of exact problems that always respond to chiropractic, but common conditions or symptoms that tend to respond include back or neck pain, lameness, stiffness, abnormal body posture such as neck held low or back hunched, difficulty getting up or lying down, gait abnormalities such as bunny hopping, pacing, not tracking straight, muscle loss or weakness in one or more limbs, behavior problems such as head tossing or unwillingness to go forward.

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